We provide various dance training classes that give students an opportunity to learn, express themselves creatively and perform on stage.


We offer exclusive Abacus training for students to help greatly in developing their skill, concentration, listening, memories and understanding logically apart from enormous known and yet to be known benefits.


Our Music program helps students to engage formats that appeal and inspire in learning, develops leadership skills, confidence and communication skills. We help students to discover their innate talents hidden in them.


Through our Yoga classes we encourage students to unravel the wonderful qualities that your children have. Yoga helps children see the light and energy within themselves, thereby developing their self-confidence, mindfulness and relaxation will result in your children growth in health, spirit and improve their results.


We have been teaching Karate that has successfully trained our students to achieve a very high ranking in their studies. Karate offer many benefits like fitness, self-confidence, focus, discipline, mental strength and self-defense.